PR Account Executive Tech/Cyber Security

PR Tech/Cyber Security

Salary: £25,000- £30,000
Location: London

PR Account Executive Tech/Cyber Security

Do you have digital PR experience and understand how to use social networking to build brands? Do you have Tech experience and an interest in Cyber Security? Are you a skilled writer looking for a new challenge where you can make your ideas heard? If so this could be the job for you!

As an Account Executive, you play a key role in the success of your clients’ PR programmes, with support from senior team members. You will have regular contact with your clients and the press and will need to establish good working relationships with them. You will need to have strong social media skills.

Key responsibilities for social media include:

  • Build and execute social media strategy through competitive research, platform determination, benchmarking, messaging and audience identification.
  • Generate, edit, publish and share daily content that builds meaningful connections and encourages community members to get involved in the conversation.
  • If not already in place, set up and optimise company pages within each social media platform to increase the visibility of company’s social content.
  • Create editorial calendars
  • Capture and analyse social media data/metrics and insights

Key responsibilities for your clients include:

  • Understand the monthly deliverables for each of your clients and work with other team members to ensure they are being met, including:
  • Ensure relevant features are pitched in a timely fashion
  • Managing the process of article creation and placement
  • Securing interviews
  • Managing rapid responses and securing coverage
  • Produce client reports, with input from account teams, in a timely fashion.
  • Feel personal responsibility to ensuring that nothing ‘falls though the gaps’ for any client
  • Manage team mates’ expectations about workloads and anticipated results.
  • Establish strong working relationships with your clients and feel confident making recommendations
  • Establish strong working relationships with key media in the UK and other countries
  • Help deliver projects and campaigns against briefs
  • Keep your account team updated about how each client is doing each month
  • Work with other team members to understand how workload is shared and different responsibilities
  • Support international PR activity as appropriate
  • Always stay focused on the quality of all work for all your clients, including written materials
  • Feel confident communicating each client’s key messages, whether it is though press releases, case studies and articles or feature pitches
  • Ensure you are up to speed with social media trends and tools
  • Through regular reading of our key press, both in the UK and overseas, stay up to date with what is going on in the IT security industry at large
  • In discussions with colleagues, feel able to identify what is and isn’t news and be able to communicate that angle in a press release, pitch or over the phone confidently and quickly
  • Ensure clear and regular lines of communication with your account team, and proactively keep him/her informed of work in progress, sharing / generating ideas, giving your own views and perspective on what to do next etc.
  • Produce weekly or internal reports as required.

In addition, your responsibilities include:

  • Provide administrative and other support to all colleagues as required, managing your workload and managing expectations
  • Always be on the looking for things we can do differently or better, either internally or for clients
  • Never accept ‘good enough’
  • Ask ‘what can I do to help?’
  • Take opportunities to teach or to learn – ask or explain why
  • Lead by example with your attitude, enthusiasm and attention to detail
  • PR our success – seize opportunities to publicise the work we do, either through our newsletter, directly with clients, or more widely through PR Week etc
  • Work with account managers to keep client case studies up to date
  • Work with account managers to identify and enter relevant awards for us or our clients
  • Be able to prioritise and schedule workload effectively, be focused on client objectives, and be able to ask for help when needed
  • Take responsibility for updating our website with news
  • Identify any ‘gaps’, for example if someone is on holiday or unwell, and be proactive in suggesting how they should be managed
  • Be confident in your writing skills to be able to help write content for your clients if required.
Please send your CV, together with a cover letter stating which job you are applying for, to
Reference: JS 26