Let Us Find You A Star

Every recruitment consultancy will tell you they’re different. But while the suits and the faces may change, most of them are playing a numbers game. We get results for our clients by making people our focus.


Recruiting in PR, Marketing and Communications requires a sensitivity to the huge variety of skills required of people working in those sectors. We know we’ve found our star when that candidate shines out from all others as the perfect fit for your company. It’s this that makes our clients and candidates alike say we’re genuinely different.


What do we do that other recruiters don’t?


  • We get to know companies as well as candidates: the better we understand your business environment, and the more we know your company culture, the better the brief we can create to find someone who will slot seamlessly in.
  • We listen. More than that, we come to you and get a real feel for your company and the teams that will be working with the successful candidate. We want to know where your company is going so we can bring you people who are an excellent strategic fit, and have the potential to grow with your business.
  • Our candidate screening is best in class and it starts with our visit to you, because it’s only when the brief takes the whole picture into account that we start our search. You’ll only ever see CVs from the best candidates, which is why 99% of the candidates we put forward to clients are called for interview.
  • Our industry knowledge is your key to making sure your vacancy stands out to candidates for all the right reasons. We know what candidates want, because we listen to them every day.
  • We’re with you every step of the way, with advice and support to find that star throughout the process, so you can make your hire with confidence.
  • We don’t charge search fees up front because we’re good at what we do. We’ll only charge a fee on placement.
  • We treat every brief as a headhunt, because that’s what allows us to give our clients the very best people for their company. And the results speak for themselves.

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